Each pack contains 6 new and unique Patent Pending collar extenders and a free guide that illustrates six different ways to tie or knot a tie



Unstrangler collar extenders at less than £1 each






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About us: And how the Unstrangler mens shirt & tie collar extender was born.

I admit it - I'm a sucker for a good Jermyn St. shirt and a well-designed tie. My wardrobe is a pleasing site with Turnbull & Asser jostling with YSL, Prada, Hawes & Curtis, Harvie & Hudson, TM Lewin and Thomas Pink.

But I have to admit, I'm also partial to a good meal, and a glass or two of Burgundy. So sadly my weight has never been what you might call stable. And neither has my collar size.

And that's where the motivation for The new and unique Unstrangler collar extender came from. I just got sick and tired of relegating beautiful shirts to the back of the wardrobe because my neck had fluctuated half an inch or so.

Of course I could simply have bought a whole new batch of shirts ½" larger; but I resent dumping perfectly good shirts for the sake of half an inch. And I'm not afraid to admit - I'm careful with my cash. And knowing the way my weight tends to fluctuate over a year, it was always going to be a never-ending problem.

And even during those times when I managed to stick with the Gym and avoided McDonald's I noticed perfectly good shirts simply shrunk in the wash. Wearing a tie became a lottery of discomfort depending on which shirt I chose to wear that day.

So I invented the Patent Pending Unstrangler collar extender to allow me to continue to wear some of my most favourite formal shirts with a tie, even when my neck had grown or my collar had shrunk.

Then I tested, and tested, and redesigned and redesigned, and tested again; till at last it worked perfectly, invisibly, and comfortably for a full 14 hour busy day in the office. Then I spent another few weeks writing; then rewriting; then rewriting the rewrite of the Patent.

Now it's over to you. I hope you enjoy wearing one and trust they'll save you a small fortune in unnecessary replacement shirts.

John Bowman. Creator and MD of Unstrangler® Ltd.